Delivering business solutions through data, analytics, market research and valuable insights into your target customer.

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Knowledge Factory

We bring data to life

We reduce your costs

by optimising and streamlining marketing, communication, distribution and day to day business processes.

We increase your revenue

by identifying new markets for your business, improving the effectiveness of your sales team, adapting engagement strategies, and developing new products for the target market.

We enable effective leadership

by assisting you to implement, monitor and adjust rules and norms that govern your organisation.

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  • Our respect for Knowledge Factory and their tools and our relationship with them is such that 7 years ago when Knowledge Factory relaunched their then new ClusterPlus methodology and segments, I arranged for them to use the Woolworths Auditorium to launch to their Cape Town-based clients.

    Sean Smith - Woolworths Marketing
  • Knowledge Factory has a proven track record and has shown the ability to be agile and quickly respond to our requests over the past years.



    Rudy Kruger - LexisNexis

Our Services

Our solutions combine data and analytics to give your business new-found insights into your target market. We identify existing and potential data sources, conduct analyses and make sense of the data, before finally using it to address your business problems and questions.

Spatial Analytics

Route Analysis, Network Analysis, line of Sight, 3D Analysis, Drivetime Analysis and Visual Analysis

Social Media & Text Analytics

Social Media Market Intelligence, Sentiment Analysis

Segment Modelling

Behavioural, Demographics, Geographic and Cluster Analysis

Predictive Analysis

Revenue Predictions, Gap Analysis.

Segmentation : Matchmaker

Consumers come in many shapes and forms; have numerous needs, wants and expectations. In order to drive sales, it is imperative to segment the market incorporating these needs,wants and expectations. In order to aid clients, Knowledge Factory has developed a holistic segmentation solution that assists in effectively targetig business efforts.

Matchmaker is a unique solution that allows businesses to identify the true target market; clarify on who the market is and where the product/service relating to this market should be positioned and provide key industry insights that help drive strategy and actions.

How We Work

Through either our Project, Retainer or Capability Enablement engagement models, we guide and partner with our clients through the process of:


data sources and the potential impacts of analytics and insights.


and visualising data more effectively.


 the value of their internal data.


 the various market data offerings and how to incorporate them into their analyses.


 and analysing data to address business critical questions and problems.


 creating and growing their data and/or analytics and insights capabilities both from a resourcing and skills perspective.


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The team behind Knowledge Factory!

Riona Naidu

Riona Naidu

Head of Consulting Services & Marketing

The Creative Scientist!

Derek Wykes

Derek Wykes

Sales Director

The Sales Optimist “always looking to Add Value via Sales”

Riona Naidu

Riona Naidu

Head of Consulting Services & Marketing

The Creative Scientist!

Derek Wykes

Derek Wykes

Sales Director

The Sales Optimist “always looking to Add Value via Sales”

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