Knowledge Factory is part of the Kagiso Media Group and is a BEE level 2 company that started in 1997 and is in business for more than 15 years. The company identified the property industry and spatial analytics relating to properties and the areas in which they reside, required support and guidance. This is the domain Knowledge Factory has lots of knowledge about.


As time progressed Knowledge Factory developed SAPTG (South African Property Transfer Guide), a product directed towards the property industry to support both the estate agency and property valuation market.

The direct relationship with the Deeds office allowed Knowledge Factory to assist with the history on property transfers as well as to sales of property in an area of interest.


Cadastral or spatial data became a support pillar for various datasets. The cadastral data range from National down to erf, see Spatial TAB for more detail. The cadastral data also supports and interact with Census data from StatsSA. This data is enriched and spatially transformed to assist the market to understand the data on the level that suits them best. See Analytics TAB for more detail.