Web Map Hosting

Knowledge Factory will assist you to host your data and to publish the data as a web map. This could consist of only your company’s data or consist of your company’s data along with selected Knowledge Factory data to compliment your data. The web map will be customized to suit your needs. Web Map’s is important when you need to display or interact spatially with your data.


DAPI is our web services product to allow the integration of all of our data sets into your solutions. The method of integration is simple and affordable as you only pay for what you require. Please contact our technical support team who is ready to assist you today.


Knowledge Factory provides consulting services as and when required by clients. This consulting services includes Knowledge Factory assisting the client with analytics, spatial analytics and geocoding, where the client either does not have the capacity or the expertise to execute that function.All of this is done within a very reasonable financing process check this out to learn more.


Knowledge Factory provides GeoCoding as a product. GeoCoding is the process of using a street address and our GeoCoding product will decipher the address and return a Latitude(Y) and Longitude(X) value for the address.   The client can either purchase a licensed GeoCoder and perform their own GeoCoding unrestricted, or the client can make use of GeoCoding as a consulting service where smaller numbers of GeoCoding is required .