The Deeds Office refer to town as the extension or registration division. The typically know suburb is derived from the Town.


A plot of land that is identified using a number. The erf number forms part of the SGID.


An erf can be split into smaller Portions and registered individually at the Deeds Offices. Generally larger plots are split into these Portions. The erf and portion grouping are unique within an extension which forms the complete SGID.


A farm is an area of land that is devoted primarily to agricultural processes. The Title Deed information for the Farms form part of the Deeds Data.

Agricultural Holdings

A portion of land not less than 1 morgen (8 565 square metres) in extent used solely or mainly for the purpose of agriculture or horticulture or for breeding or keeping domestic animals, poultry or bees.

Title Deed

A title deed is a legal document proving a person’s right to the property. We provide information relating to the Title Deed which consists of the registered owner of a property, previous ownership, extent, town, erf, portion, initial bond, etc.


The current registered owner of a property and previous ownership. This includes the buyer type, buyer or company name, Id number or company registration number, etc.

Purchase Price

The cash amount a property was sold for and the date of sale. We also provide a purchase reference code where no purchase price exists, for example a deceased transfer.


The area of a plot of land as registered at the Deeds Office.


A bond is a debt investment in which an entity loans money to buy a property. The bond information consist of the bond number, bond holder and bond amount.