Gated Community

Gated community is a spatial layer and is a form of office, business, community or housing estate with strict controlled entrances for pedestrians, bicycles, and vehicles

National Address Database (NAD)

The NAD is a spatial point layer of physical street addresses in South Africa. It contains the SGid for reference to individual properties.

Cadastre (CAD)

The cadastre is a spatial layer of the surveyed property boundaries in the country, as captured by the Surveyor General’s Offices. The cad contains erven, farms and agricultural holdings.


Extensions is a spatial layer of Extensions eg. Parktown Ext 6, making up suburbs in South Africa.


Suburb is a spatial layer of aggregated extensions.

ESP (Enhanced Spatial Platform)

ESP is a bouquet of spatial layers that contains the following features.

  • Features included in Atlas:
    • Dams
    • Rivers
    • Oceans
    • Province
    • National Boundary
    • Parks
    • Railways
    • Stations
    • Atlas Streets
    • Towns
    • Town Points
  • District Municipalities
  • Municipalities
  • Magisterial Districts
  • Knowledge Factory Suburbs
  • Erf Land Use Information (ELU)
  • Erf Detail Information (EDI)
  • Street centre lines

Enhanced Spatial Platform Developer consist of the ESP bouquet and routable street data creating the capability to create drive times and resolve routing projects. The routable data consists of:

  • Street Nodes
  • Street Segments

COMM is a group of point layers that consists Commercial Hubs and Retail points indicating the position of shopping centres, business hubs and retail centres.

COMM Modules

COMM Modules is a set of point layers, the points indicates the position of the following subset of Commercial points:

  • Transportation Hubs
  • Specialized Medical Facilities
  • Commercial Services
  • Recreational Accommodation
  • Prepared Food Outlets
  • Mining Warehouse and Manufacturing
  • Financial
  • Extended Educational
  • Entertainment
  • Densified Residential
  • Auto Services